Mobile Friendly Website Development

Mobile Friendly Website Development

The Future Is About Mobile Friendly Sites

A small or medium-sized start-up requires all the help it needs in building up a growing business. The website is one mode of procuring the business without shelling out a fortune in publicity or advertisements. But what if your website is not mobile friendly? Consider this fact, there were a million mobile friendly websites in 2007, and recent surveys predict that, that number will go up to 150 million by the end of 2017.

Now consider another fact, research indicates that more than 50 percent of the mobile users will log out of the site if the loading time of your website page is more than three seconds and/or that less than 50 percent of these users will abort the sales transaction if it takes too long. Imagine the losses your business is accruing for the lack of a mobile friendly website.

Mobile Friendly Website Development has received a big push upwards once the startups realized that there are humongous amounts of revenue waiting to be had on the mobile friendly site. This effect is not just restricted to the elite countries. Mobile Website Development India has seen a surge in recent times, and startups have begun to catch up on their competitors from across the world.

Why Is A Mobile Friendly Site Important?

Smartphones are gaining popularity with almost everyone owning at least one phone. The demand for the smartphones is going to increase with the result that almost all browsing might be done over the phone. Hence, it behaves to have a site that is easily navigable with an intuitive interface.

Google, the king of search engines, has stated unambiguously that the future of search is the phone, and the phones without mobile friendly site will pay for a dip in their search ranking.

Mobile Users vary from their desktop Counterpart

Gone are the days when the desktop users used to surf the nets for hours searching for information, today's mobile users demand quick, instant information in smaller doses. Unlike desktop customers, mobile customers are an impulse, buyers. They spend more money on various buys than the customer coming via desktops.

By making a mobile friendly website, you will be making it easy for the mobile customers to browse and purchase commodities within seconds.

100% Customized eCommerce Website

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GPS & Your site

Mobiles come with built-in GPS. It is a useful technology that helps in aiding the users in finding services or business near their location. You will be losing a prospective customer right in your area because of a desktop website that is unfriendly to mobile users.

The future of business is in possessing a mobile-friendly site. Any business that relies largely on online customers is well advised to change to mobile friendly site for the sustained growth of their business.